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  • Tình trạng:
  • Author Ramkumar Gandhinathan, Lentin Joseph
  • Pages 449
  • Year 2019
  • Thương hiệu:
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  • Còn 100 sp - Điện thoại::0376063752 - CT1A, khu đô thị Xa La, Phúc La, Quận Hà Đông, Tp Hà Nội, - EbookViet
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Book Description
Robot Operating System is one of the most widely used software frameworks for robotic research and for companies to model, simulate, and prototype robots. Applying your knowledge of ROS to actual robotics is much more difficult than people realize, but this title will give you what you need to create your own robotics in no time!

This book is packed with over 14 ROS robotics projects that can be prototyped without requiring a lot of hardware. The book starts with an introduction of ROS and its installation procedure. After discussing the basics, you'll be taken through great projects, such as building a self-driving car, an autonomous mobile robot, and image recognition using deep learning and ROS. You can find ROS robotics applications for beginner, intermediate, and expert levels inside!

This book will be the perfect companion for a robotics enthusiast who really wants to do something big in the field.

What you will learn
Create your own self-driving car using ROS
Build an intelligent robotic application using deep learning and ROS
Master 3D object recognition
Control a robot using virtual reality and ROS
Build your own AI chatter-bot using ROS
Get to know all about the autonomous navigation of robots using ROS
Understand face detection and tracking using ROS
Get to grips with teleoperating robots using hand gestures
Build ROS-based applications using Matlab and Android
Build interactive applications using TurtleBot
Table of Contents
Getting Started with ROS Robotics Application Development
Face Detection and Tracking Using ROS, OpenCV and Dynamixel Servos
Building a Siri-Like Chatbot in ROS
Controlling Embedded Boards Using ROS
Teleoperate a Robot Using Hand Gestures
Object Detection and Recognition
Deep Learning Using ROS and TensorFlow
ROS on MATLAB and Android
Building an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Creating a Self-Driving Car Using ROS
Teleoperating a Robot Using a VR Headset and Leap Motion
Controlling Your Robots over the Web
  • EbookViet
  • CT1A, khu đô thị Xa La, Phúc La, Quận Hà Đông, Tp Hà Nội,
  • 0376063752
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